Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Uncharacteristically UN-cooked Dinner {RAW}

While I am moderate in my food stances - okay, maybe not in my processed foods and processed sugar snobbishness - I am always up for trying something new. But I won't go overboard. So when I write "moderate in my food stance", I just mean that I am not anti-meat (vegetarian), anti-anything animal related (vegan), and I am not gluten-free or dairy-free. Dylan says, proudly, "but we are nitrite-free, Mommy...and mostly organic!" Yes, we are that.

Most important to me is that we're eating seasonally and locally, as much as we can. And that we are supporting local farmers through a CSA and frequenting artisan foodsmiths who embrace the same food philosophies (seasonal, local, organic) as we do. And we - and I do mean all four of us - read labels. If, on rare occasion, we buy something in a package, it's typically an ingredient and it itself doesn't have more than five ingredients or any ingredients that we can't pronounce.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a RAW food workshop with a friend (click here to read about that debacle) and was intrigued enough with the idea of RAW that I picked up a cookbook. I opted for Everyday Raw: Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less by Matthew Kenney. See, 30 minutes or less. That's moderate. It doesn't require that I use (and, thus, own) a dehydrator for over two hours to make somewhat toothy flourless muffins at 115 degrees when I can make moist, organic muffins with whole wheat in 35 minutes in my oven.

One thing I found funny was the idea that grabbing a fruit out of my fruit bowl or pulling a carrot out of my crisper for snacks qualify as "eating RAW." Certainly those are raw, but with those counting, I can honestly say that without even really trying, my family is 50% - if not more - raw. Funny.

So, on this leisurely summer Friday with no camping trip to pack for, and nothing to do except laundry and laugh with my boys, I decided to not cook dinner tonight. Click on each title for the "recipe."

The verdict: Jake loved everything and asked for seconds. The little Manns both said that my other food is better. Okay.

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