Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Denmark: Cooking Around the World Adventure

And that's a wrap. I told the boys we were doing a series of Danish dishes in honor of our favorite Danes - Rikke, Ulla, Danya, and Stella - during our cooking around the world adventure. So after three dinners and a breakfast, I think they're ready to move on to our next country.

Here's the Danish round-up... (click on the recipe titles to go to the recipe and original post)

(Crepes with Rhubarb-Raspberry Jam)

These delicate pancakes are scented with cardamom and I received the best compliment ever when I made them: "Mom, these taste just like Danya and Ms. Ulla's!" That is high praise from my 10-year-old.

Lunch = Smørrebrød
(Open-Face Sandwiches)

Though this is traditionally a mid-day meal for the Danes, we ate them for dinner, outside on a warm summer's evening...and loved them! I had initially thought to pre-make the smørrebrød, then I realized it would be more fun to unleash the boys' creative palates. So they slathered rhubarb-raspberry jam on top of the buttered rye breads, topped them with potatoes, ham, hardboiled eggs, shrimp, avocados and more. Delicious!

(Sugar Browned Potatoes & Stuffed Pork Tenderloins)

Dylan was my kitchen elf on this one and did a great job, from stuffing and lacing the pork tenderloin to gently shaking the pan to get the caramel all over the potatoes, I think he would have made his Zia Rikke proud.

(Roasted Pork with Parsley Sauce)

What I didn't realize was that, though I saw a translation of this dish as "roasted bacon" it's traditionally an unsmoked bacon. Maybe cuts of pork belly. I'm not sure. I had applewood smoked bacon in my fridge, so that's what I use. I served it with fingerling potatoes in a creamy parsley sauce along with mashed turnips.
I hope you enjoyed our Danish series. We're off to Africa next!

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