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Capping off the Old Year with Cappelletti in Brodo + G.D. Vajra Barolo Albe 2016 #ItalianFWT

Welcome to the first of the Italian Food Wine Travel events of 2021. I can't tell you how happy I am to see 2020 in our rear view mirror. This month, the group's founder, Jen of  Vino Travels , is hosting and she has us looking at Favorite Italian Reds to Start off 2021. You can read her invitation: here . All of these posts will be live by Saturday, January 2nd when we gather for a live Twitter chat. If you are reading this early enough, feel free to join the conversation. Follow the hashtag #ItalianFWT and be sure to add that to anything you tweet so we can see it. In the meantime, here's the January 2021 line-up for the #ItalianFWT bloggers... Wendy at A Day in the Life on the Farm featured A Lovely Bottle of Taurasi paired with a Delicious Meal of Beef Tips Marsala . Robin at Crushed Grape Chronicles served up Bacon and Butternut Pasta with a Langhe DOC Nebbiolo . Susannah at Avvinare was Taking a Closer Look at Vernaccia di San Gimignano . Camilla at the Culinary Ad

Dublin Coddle + P.S. I Love You #LitHappens #FoodieReads

  Okay, I'm early with this post. Really early. But I am a serial planner, a quick reader, and had a copious amount of free time during this holiday week. P.S. I Love You  by Cecilia Ahern* is going to be our book selection for our Lit Happens online book group in February 2021. Amy of Amy's Cooking Adventures is hosting; she is also picking the movie, based on the book, for our Food'N'Flix group. So much fun! While Lit Happens isn't a cook from the book kinda group, I always do find inspiration in what I read and watch.  On the Page I have read this book before...years ago. And, at the time, I remember being wildly impressed that a young, single woman - it was her debut novel - could imbue her characters with such depth and understanding of not just married people but a recently widowed woman. The emotions seemed so vivid and genuine. This time around, I was still captivated enough to read it in one evening. However, I did find Holly annoyingly self-centered. Her

Savory Goat Cheese Truffles + L'Ecole's 2019 Sémillon #Sponsored #CulinaryCam

  This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of L'Ecole . Complimentary wine was provided for this post and this page may contain affiliate links. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.   Earlier in December I took part in a virtual tasting with L'Ecole Winery * that was hosted by the marketing manager, the winemaker, and the general manager. And I am excited to be starting a series of wine pairings on my Culinary Cam YouTube channel. The video for this recipe is here  and there will be more coming in 2021. In My Glass Made with grapes from the Stillwater Creek, Klipsun, Lodmell, Rosebud, and Estate Seven Hills vineyards in the Columbia Valley, this Semillon is comprised of 88% Sémillon and 12% Sauvignon Blanc. Sémillon wine is a white wine for red wine lovers, I think. It has a more full body, like a Chardonnay, but its flavors lean more bright and vibrant like a Pinot Gris or Sauvignon Blanc. And at a suggested retail price of just $15, you can't beat the

Eggnog Muffin Tops #MuffinMonday

Earlier in the year I saw a post from one of my favorite bloggers - Wendy at  A Day in the Life on the Farm  - and I realized that they've been having a muffin party for years without me. LOL. I emailed the host, Stacy of  Food Lust People Love  and got the scoop: "...last Monday of the month and no themes. We've been baking together since August 2015! Only one rule, you must use the muffin method (folding wet ingredients with dry - no creaming butter and sugar, etc.) to bake muffins." I've been happily joining in for months now. This month is the last Muffin Monday of 2020! Here's the muffin line-up... Banana Mini Muffins from Food Lust People Love Chocolate Avocado Walnut Muffins from Palatable Pastime Cinnamon Applesauce & Raisin Rye Muffins from Karen's Kitchen Stories Easy Snickerdoodle Muffins  from Making Miracles Eggnog Muffin Tops from Culinary Adventures with Camilla Pearl Millet Banana Muffins from Magical Ingredients Ingredients

Candied Citrus Peel

I am not big on plain ol' oranges. Blood oranges, clementines, pumelo, any other citrus and I am excited. Every holiday season we candy citrus peels for our panettone. This year, I used what I had in the fruit bowl which ended up being pink grapefruit, navel oranges, and satsuma mandarins. And a quick note: use organic. You're spending time and money to eat the peels; you don't want to be consuming chemicals and pesticides! Ingredients makes approximately 6 cups a variety of organic citrus fruits water  2 cups water 2 cups organic granulated sugar plus more for rolling Also needed: heavy bottom skillet, colander, baking sheet lined with parchment paper Procedure   Peel the citrus and slice into strips.   Place all of the citrus in a large, flat-bottom pan. Add cold water until they are floating. Bring the pan to a boil. Drain. Add cold water until they are floating and bring to a boil again. Drain. Repeat a third time. Then create a simple syrup by bringing the water and su

Olive Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies #Sponsored

  This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Quail & Olive . Complimentary product was provided for this post and this page may contain affiliate links. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.   The last time I stopped in at  The Quail & Olive * , I picked up a bottle of their  Butter Flavor Olive Oil  because I was interested in trying the oil in some holiday baking. I don't know about you, but as soon as Halloween is over, my brain goes into overdrive on what kind of holiday cookies to bake. I have been making olive oil chocolate chip cookies for years because it's so much quicker than creaming together butter and sugar! This olive oil is a great way to still get that buttery flavor. Ingredients 3/4 cup olive oil (I used the  Butter Flavor Olive Oil  from The Quail & Olive) 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 2 eggs 1 cup dark brown sugar, lightly packed 2-1/2 cups flour 1 teaspoon baking soda pinch of flakey sea salt + more for sprinkling  1 cup