The Purple & Red Books

Upon tasting my Spring-Kissed Seafood Chowder during our Easter feast, Jake declared, "This is purple book (worthy)." 

A little history: when we first started dating, I had a red book. An actual book. It was a journal that was organized by season. Whenever I made a recipe that he liked - and wanted me to remember - I scribbled it down in the red book. It's completely filled and swollen with menus and wine labels.

What's the 'purple book'? I queried.

"It's better than the red book," he declared. "And something you would expect at a fine dining establishment."

Okay. So, I decided I would create a virtual purple book. This will be a fluid list of my top ten recipes, as designated by my three boys. Bear with me as I flesh this out.

Lavender Lemon Panna Cotta (April 2019)

Sole Véronique (November 2016)

Seafood B'stilla (originally cooked in April 2010)

The Red Book
And, to placate the boys, I am creating a virtual Red Book as well...there will be no limit to the recipes linked here.

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