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Three Chile Mole #Sponsored

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Selefina spices. Complimentary product was provided for this post and this page may contain affiliate links. However, all opinions expressed here are my own. Years ago I attended two mole-making classes at a local shop. And, while I am grateful to know how to make mole, I don't do it that often. But when a contact from  Selefina * asked me if I would like to sample their new line, I looked through the website and decided to give it a whirl with their products. Selefina is new venture from the people behind Adagio Teas. They have used their experience in global sourcing and making connections to find high quality spices and seasonings. And by purchasing in bulk and using their own brand for labels, costs are kept lower for the consumer. It's a win-win and, from what I've tried, the products are amazing. Stay tuned for more posts, but this recipe uses several of their items, including three different dried chiles, hence

Chili de Moira + Beelgara Winery Estate Shiraz 2017 #WorldWineTravel

This month the #WorldWineTravel bloggers are looking at the red wines of New South Wales and I am hosting. Maybe it's because it's summer and people are traveling and busy. Or maybe it's new restrictions on wine shipping. But we have a tiny showing this month with the posts. I did hear that sourcing was an issue in some states. Boo! But you can read a bit more about our New South Wales' exploration...albeit a small serving of delicious inspiration. A Scruffy Shiraz with Urban Smoked Short Ribs by FoodWineClick! Aussie Meat Pies and a Bottle of Hope by Somm's Table Chili de Moira + Beelgara Winery Estate Shiraz 2017 by Culinary Adventures with Camilla Yellow Tail Wine is from NSW, Who Knew?? by A Day in the Life on the Farm New South Wales I did have to chuckle when I saw the titles of my fellow writers. I think I got my hands on those bottles as well. So, I can't wait to hear what they paired and thought. But, first, a little bit about the region... New S

Mac’N’Cheese Minestrone #SoupSwappers

  So, welcome to the June #SoupSwappers event. Wendy of  A Day in the Life on the Farm  started this group and I'm always grateful to have a few more recipes to try. This month, Wendy is hosting and we are sharing soups that start with leftovers. Here's the line-up of deliciousness... Palatable Pastime shares  Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup  Sneha’s Recipe shares  Keto Almond Biscuit With Keto Chicken Pot Pie Soup   A Day in the Life on the Farm shares  Leftover Steak Teriyaki Soup   Culinary Adventures with Camilla shares  Mac’N’Cheese Minestrone   Karen’s Kitchen Stories shares  Pappa al Pomodoro (Tomato and Bread Soup) Mac’N’Cheese Minestrone On the day that titles were due - thankfully Wendy sent me a message while we were hiking - I thought about what I had in the fridge and settled on making minestrone with leftover mac'n'cheese. The night before I had taught R how to make homemade cheese sauce for pasta. Easy peasy! Minestrone is the catch-all name for all Ital

A Thai Green Curry Lesson + Willm Crémant d’Alsace Brut Rosé #Winophiles #Sponsored

This is a sponsored post written by me in conjunction with the June #Winophiles event. Wine samples were provided for this post and this page may contain affiliate links. This month the French Winophiles are exploring the wines of Alsace. And many thanks to Jill of for arranging samples through  Teuwen Communications  for the party as they represent  Wines of Alsace  and spearhead the month-long  Alsace Rocks . Cheers! If you are reading this soon enough, feel free to join our Twitter chat. We'll be meeting on Saturday, June 18th at 8am Pacific. Follow the hashtag #Winophiles and be sure to add that to anything you post so we can see it. Here's the line-up of articles... Cremant Wine Battered Perch; Michigan and French Classics Collide on A Day in the Life on the Farm A Thai Green Curry Lesson + Willm Crémant d’Alsace Brut Rosé on Culinary Adventures with Camilla Crémant d’Alsace: An Elegant Sparkling Wine from France on Grape Experiences Crémant d’Alsace - Exploring the Nuanc

Homemade, Handrolled Garganelli

  This is the summer of homemade cooking adventures. Well, homemade cooking adventures are  pretty typical of our household. But this summer I am being more deliberate about what I am cooking with R and D. I decided that I wanted to make homemade pasta with them this week. Here's how the conversation went... C: This is a skill you should have, boysies. D: Seriously, Mom. We can buy a bag of pasta at Trader Joe's for a dollar. C: Well, you should make it at least once. R: Exactly once. They were still good sports, rolled up their sleeves, and washed their hands. A quick note: I initially called this 'penne' but my friend who is from Italy and owns a local Italian restaurant saw my photos and said it was 'garganelli.'  I pulled our my encyclopaedia of pasta and learned the differences between penne and garganelli. While both are tube-shaped with diagonal ends, penne is extruded and garganelli is rolled; that difference results in no seam for the former and a

For His Love of Vietnam: Muc Nhoi Thit and Cà Phê Trứng #CooktheBooks

  For the June-July selection of  Cook the Books , Claudia from  Honey from Rock  invited the group to read  A Cook's Tour: Global Adventures in Extreme Cuisines by Anthony Bourdain. Read  her invitation  and join the fun, if you wish, because you still have more than a month before the deadline. Four years ago this month he committed suicide and the world lost a poignant, candid voice about food, about cooks, and about the often detrimental effect America has had on countries and cultures around the world.  This #CooktheBooks assignment has launched me down the Tony Bourdain rabbit hole this month. In years past I read and posted about  Kitchen Confidential  and  Medium Raw .  But this was my first time reading this book. Jake and I just watched  Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain . And I just started streaming the series he was filming as he wrote this month's book selection! His life was simultaneously inspiring and tragic.  On the Page from Let's ju