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Roasted Donkey Cabbages #AGrimmThanksgiving

  Okay, I really have no idea what a donkey cabbage is. I opted to use the title of the tale to serve roasted Brussels sprouts for our 2020 Thanksgiving Grimm Menu though. This is my usual way to serve Brussels sprouts though this Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad is also delicious. " The huntsman winds up in a cabbage patch and realizes he has been tricked. Some of the magic cabbages cause the man to become a donkey while others turn him back into a man. He feeds these cabbages to the maiden and her mother. The mother dies but the huntsman transforms the maiden back into her human form. The two are married."  ~Donkey Cabbages Ingredients  serves 8 2 pounds Brussels sprouts, halved olive oil freshly ground salt freshly ground pepper Procedure Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Slice the Brussels sprouts in half, then place them in a mixing bowl. Drizzle them with enough olive oil to coat them and make them glisten. Season with salt and pepper. Roast for 10 minutes. Move

The Ear of Corn-bread Stuffing #AGrimmThanksgiving

If you're wondering about the 'Ear of Corn' in the title, this was served alongside our roasted Cornish game hens for our Grimm Thanksgiving last week. You can read the rest of the food at my post:  A Grimm Menu . "One day a woman was walking along a grain field, and her little child, who was jumping along beside her, fell into a puddle and got his clothes dirty. The mother tore off a handful of the beautiful ears of grain and cleaned his clothes with them.   The Lord was just then passing by, and when he saw her doing this, he became angry and said, 'From this time forth the grain-stalk shall bear no more ears of grain. Humans are not worthy of this heavenly gift.'   The bystanders who heard this were horrified, fell to their knees, and begged him to leave at least something on the grain-stalk, even if they did not deserve it, at least for the sake of the innocent chickens, who otherwise would starve to death."  ~The Ear of Corn I don't make stuff

A Sneak Peak: The #ItalianFWT Bloggers Talk Italian Bubbles

  This month, I am leading a discussion for the Italian Food Wine Travel bloggers about sparkling Italian wines...just in time for the holidays.  You can read my invitation, here . You'll find more details in that post about the difference between Frizzante and Spumante; the different processes of creating bubbles - Metodo Classico, or Metodo Champenoise, versus Charmat, or Martinotti Method; and, while Prosecco is probably the most well-known Italian sparkling wine, at least in America, there's an entire range of Italian sparklers, including Prosecco Superiore or Prosecco DOCG, Lambrusco, Franciacorta, and more. A few bloggers received a selection of Prosecco Superiore from the Consorzio of Prosecco Superiore DOCG, but everyone was free to explore any and all sparkling wines from Italy. Here's what the group will be sharing... Terri of Our Good Life says Beviamo alla nostra! Prosecco Superiore and Happy Christmas! Marcia of Joy of Wine is Celebrating the Season with spa

Olive Oil Gingerbread Muffins #MuffinMonday

Earlier in the year I saw a post from one of my favorite bloggers - Wendy at  A Day in the Life on the Farm  - and I realized that they've been having a muffin party for years without me. LOL. I emailed the host, Stacy of  Food Lust People Love  and got the scoop: "...last Monday of the month and no themes. We've been baking together since August 2015! Only one rule, you must use the muffin method (folding wet ingredients with dry - no creaming butter and sugar, etc.) to bake muffins." I've been happily joining in for months now. This month is the penultimate Muffin Monday of 2020! Here's the muffin line-up... Banana Nutella Muffins  from A Day in the Life on the Farm Cranberry Orange Muffins  from Karen's Kitchen Stories Dutch Apple Pie Muffins  from Making Miracles Olive Oil Gingerbread Muffins from Culinary Adventures with Camilla Sourdough Gingerbread Muffins  from Zesty South Indian Kitchen Sugarplum Muffins  from Palatable Pastime Winter Crunch Grape

Savory Bread Pudding #HolidayLeftovers #SundayFunday

  Today we're in our fourth week of a new blogging group; a fun group will be sharing recipes on Sundays. Low stress, just a great group of gals that I am happy to blog alongside. Thanks to Stacy of  Food Lust People Love , Sue of  Palatable Pastime , Rebekah of  Making Miracles , and Wendy of  A Day in the Life on the Farm  for coordinating.  Today Stacy is hosting and she's given us the prompt of using holiday leftovers. Perfect timing really as we are still sheltered in place, and just had the four of us around the table, but I didn't really adjust the sizes of what I usually make. Whoops. In any case, here's the line-up of how the #SundayFunday bloggers are using their holiday leftovers... Chatpata Leftover Rice Paratha  from Sneha's Recipe Savory Bread Pudding from Culinary Adventures with Camilla Thai-style Turkey Glass Noodle Salad  from Food Lust People Love Turkey and Stuffing Quiche  from Palatable Pastime Turkey Cranberry Sliders  from Making Miracles Tur

Cornish Game Hen Salad #HolidayLeftovers

If you, like me, have leftover roasted poultry from Thanksgiving, this is an easy way to use that up and give it a different look. Since we are still sheltered-in-place and didn't have a big Thanksgiving feast, I opted to roast Cornish game hens as an individual sized main dish.  The boys joked that these were turkeys for elves or hobbits. Okay. And since we had such a large menu, we ended up with lots of leftover hen meat.  Ingredients serves 4 2 cups cooked Cornish game hens, shredded (or use chicken) 3/4 cup mayonnaise 1/2 cup diced pickles (I used homemade bread and butter pickles) 1 to 2 teaspoons mustard, depending on preference (start with 1 teaspoon) 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika freshly ground salt, as needed freshly ground pepper, as needed Also needed: bread, lightly toasted (I used a homemade sourdough) or crackers for serving Procedure Pull the meat from the hens. I ended up with about 2 cups. Roughly chop the meat and place it in a medium mixing bowl. Combine all ingre

The Turnip and Potato Soup, The Three Green Twigs Salad, + Louis Jadot 2019 Rosé #TurkeyDayRosé #AGrimmThanksgiving #Sponsored

   This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kobrand Wine and Spirits in conjunction with their  #TurkeyDayRosé   event.  Complimentary wine was provided for this post  though no other compensation was received. This page may contain affiliate links. This was part of the second course in my Grimm Thanksgiving menu. You can see the entire line-up here:  A Grimm Menu + #TurkeyDayRosé Pairings . "At length it was so enormous that by itself it filled a whole cart, and two oxen were required to draw it, and the farmer had not the least idea what he was to do with the turnip, or whether it would be a fortune to him or a misfortune. At last he thought, "if you sell it, what will you get for it that is of any importance, and if you eat it yourself, why, the small turnips would do you just as much good. It would be better to take it to the king, and make him a present of it." ~The Turnip " The hermit, after he had converted the three sinners, lay down to sleep agai

The Crumbs on the Table Around a Sausage-wrapped Egg + Chateau d’Aqueria 2019 Tavel Rosé #TurkeyDayRosé #AGrimmThanksgiving #Sponsored

  This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kobrand Wine and Spirits in conjunction with their  #TurkeyDayRosé   event.  Complimentary wine was provided for this post  though no other compensation was received. This page may contain affiliate links. "...the countryman let [his little puppies] have no peace until at last they went, and got on the table, and ate up the bread-crumbs with all their might. But at that very moment the mistress came, and seized the stick in great haste, and beat them and treated them very hardly." ~The Crumbs on the Table  The Crumbs on the Table   Around a Sausage-wrapped Egg 2019 Chateau d’Aqueria Tavel Rosé When I started thinking about what to make that used breadcrumbs, I remembered that Hansel and Gretel dropped breadcrumbs in the forest to find their way back home. But I had already planned to make Hansel and Gretel Gingerbreads . So, I thought about my favorite breaded appetizer: a Scotch egg. And I had just picked up a dozen duc