Keto Eating Plan

Over the past few years, we've dipped our toes into gluten-free eating; we tried Whole30 for a month. We've detoxed from sugar for a month; we've removed dairy from our meals for a month. And while I object to 'diets', Jake is still adamant that he wants a meal plan that will help him shed some unwanted pounds. As we creep into our mid 40s, I know he's right.

We don't have the metabolisms we did when we were 20. We lament the loss of those six-pack abs we were both sporting when we met two decades ago. Not sure we'll ever get those back, but we can certainly strive to be more healthy.

After he half-jokingly accused me of 'fattening him up for the kill,' I realized that he was serious. He wanted a plan that wasn't a diet so much as a lifestyle change. So, I'm researching the Keto Diet. Again, I object to the word 'diet'. I hate diets. Clearly. But I can get behind a well-thought out eating plan. Stay tuned for this adventure!

Here's my rough guideline with which I'm working...

  • Eat: meat, fish, seafood, eggs, fats, vegetables grown above the ground, high-fat dairy, nuts, and berries
  • Drink: water, unsweetened coffee, tea, bone broth, wine is okay, but beer is out (or in moderation)

And, as Jake and I jump in, there might be adaptations for us to make it Keto-friendly while there's another option for our kids. For instance, I might post a burger recipe. The one for us is lettuce-wrapped while the one for the boys has a bun.

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