Friday, September 12, 2014

#winePW: Chuletas de Cordero + Tempranillo

Do you know what I love about the second Saturday of the month? It's our #winePW - Wine Pairing Weekend - reveal. I love it. The bloggers who participate love food and love wine. It's a great event from which I always make a wine shopping list. The theme for this month is: regional pairings. Here's David's September #winePW invite. Think Italian food + Italian wine or Argentinian food + Argentinian wine. Get it?

I opted for a Spanish Parrillada Mixta, mixed grill, with a bottle of Tempranillo. ¡Salud!

In the Glass...

Zumaya Tempranillo 2011 from Ribera del Duero is a basic Tempranillo from Spain. The vines are young - under 25 years in age. The wine is fermented in stainless steel and given two months in oak before bottling. The result: a dark purple wine with flavors of berries and aromas of spice. This is a youthful style of Tempranillo. Not bad. Basic.

In the Middle of the Plate... 

We made this meal at the end of a really horrible, rotten, no good day. So, I was happy to do nothing more than prep the meat and hand if off to my grill-master husband. In addition to the lamb, he grilled a full spread - in the style of a Spanish Parrillada Mixta - including marinated chicken, zucchini, mushroom, and even peaches for dessert. Thanks, Love.

The Spanish region of Castilla is famous for their lamb dishes and this, Chuletas de Cordero, is traditional and deliciously simple. It's just grilled lamb chops rubbed with garlic and salt. That's it. Basic, but fabulous.


  • 6-8 lamb chops
  • 1 T minced garlic
  • freshly ground salt
  • freshly ground pepper

Rinse your chops and pat them dry. Rub the minced garlic on each side of the meat. Sprinkle them with freshly ground salt and freshly ground pepper. Let stand for, at least, 15 minutes before grilling.

Place lamb chops on heated grill. Cook chops over medium heat for about 5-10 minutes on each side. The fat may cause flare ups on the grill, so keep a close eye on the grill. Once you remove the chops from the grill, serve the lamb immediately.

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And that's a Wrap...
...on our September #winePW event. My Chuletas de Cordero + Zumaya Tempranillo pairing was delicious! I'll pin this recipe and other posts on my #winePW pinterest board. David, our host, also has a Wine Pairing Weekend pinterest boardStay tuned for the October Wine Pairing Weekend, which will focus on "Fall Fruits and Wine Pairings" on Saturday, October 11; I'll be hosting!

If you can't find Zumaya Tempranillo, swap out for any Tempranillo. And if you try this pairing - or just the wine - I would love to hear what you think. Comment below or tweet to me at @Culinary_Cam.


  1. Camilla,
    this looks and sounds great! Syrah is my go-to wine for lamb, but I'll definitely give Tempranillo a try next time. I often prefer the basic or Crianza Tempranillo to the older versions. I like the freshness. Cheers!

  2. Sometimes you need a day to hand off some of the cooking - the lamb chops look fantastic. Tempranillo is always an interesting wine to me - I think you summarized it up perfectly!

  3. I hope this tasty looking meal and wine pairing helped brighten your day a bit. Thanks for participating again and looking forward to having you host October #winePW!

  4. It looks delicious! Thanks for choosing our wine to accompany this tasty Parrillada. Congrats on your Culinary Adventures, we love them!. Regards from Spain

  5. What a beautiful end to a bad day. We are big fans of Spanish wine!