Tuesday, September 2, 2014

#10DaysofTailgate: Meet the Bloggers - Wendy, A Day in the Life on the Farm

This is my first time coordinating a blogging event. So, I wanted to take some time to shine the spotlight on the bloggers who have joined me in this venture. We have 18 days till the kick-off and over 20 bloggers, so keep an eye here for their intros. Meet...

In the blogosphere: A Day in the Life on the Farm
On Pinterest: WendyKlik
On Google+: Wendy Klik

Come back on September 20th when we kick off #10DaysofTailgate. I see that Wendy has some great recipes planned, including glazed chicken wings, sloppy joes, and baked beans. Can I come to your tailgate, Wendy?