Monday, September 3, 2012

Relishing Kourabiedes

This afternoon when Jenn called to see if we wanted to meet her and Gabe at the Greek Festival, we loaded up in the car and headed over there. Food, fun, and my favorite three-year-old. Oh, I was not missing that.

The annual Greek Festival - during Labor Day weekend - in the Custom House Plaza is the only festival that I attend each and every year. Sometimes, we go on multiple days during the three-day weekend. This year, however, today was it.

We swapped money for tokens and waited in line for dolmades, meatballs, gyros, and more. Then we lounged in the sun and enjoyed the day and the company. We capped off our Greek culinary adventure with some sweet treats. Gabe chose Kourabiedes.

Check out the powdered sugar streaming from the wrapper! He was devouring this with such delight that I have put this on my short-list of cookies to make.

Kourabiedes (pronounced “koo-rah-bee-YEH-thess”) are Greek butter cookies traditionally baked for Christmas and Easter; the Christmas Kourabiedes are usually adorned with a single whole spice clove embedded in each cookie to commemorate the spices that the magi offered to baby Jesus.

There seem to be as many variation of this cookie as there are Greek bakers!

The Serious Eats blog offers a recipe that uses almond extract and chopped almonds while CD Kitchen adds brandy. The Greek Gourmand's recipe flavors his with rosewater and brandy.

I'm not sure which version I'll try, come Christmas time, but I know who I'm going to get to be my taste-tester.

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  1. The recipe from my husband's family, who hail from the Peloponnese region of Greece uses Ouzo. They're fantastic!


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