Thursday, July 18, 2019

Campfire Salmon #FishFridayFoodies

It's time for Fish Friday Foodies' July event. We are a group of seafood-loving bloggers, rallied by Wendy of A Day in the Life on the Farm, to share fish and seafood recipes on the third Friday of the month. 

And this month, Stacy of Food Lust People Love is also hosting as we share grilled seafood recipes. Before I get to my recipe. Here's the rest of the #FishFridayFoodies' offerings...

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Campfire Salmon
One of our favorite camping dinners is campfire fish. It's so easy and flexible. Use whatever fish you have. Use some kind of citrus, some kind of herbs, and some kind of oil. That's all there is to it. The parchment and foil pouch keeps it moist and it's ready to eat within an hour. Perfect! Technically, I don't know if this is actually 'grilled'. I'm still unclear on the distinction between grilling and barbequing...and really what cooking on coals actually is. Whoops! Well, Wendy and Stacy didn't balk when I said this is what I was sharing. So, I'm running with it.

These photos are from our annual camping trip a few years ago when my sister-in-law let us raid her garden for marigolds before we left. But we make this dish every camping trip, often several times during the ten day jaunt around the state.

  • fish fillet (we used wild-caught salmon for this one)
  • organic lemon, thinly sliced
  • fresh herbs (we used dill and marigold petals)
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • Also need: parchment paper and aluminum foil

Lay a piece of heavy duty foil on the table. Lay a piece of parchment on top of that. Place your fish piece in the center of the parchment.

Lay lemon slices on top of the fish. Then layer it with fresh herbs, roughly chopped, on top of the fish. Sprinkle it with salt and pepper. Drizzle it all with olive oil.

Bring the long sides of the foil together and fold down to seal. Crimp in the ends to create a foil packet.

Place the packet on top of some smoldering coals. Cook time depends on the size of your fish and the amount of coals you have. But we had two 1-pound fillets and cooked them for about 45 to 50 minutes.

Remove the packet with tongs or oven-mittens. Open foil carefully to release the steam. Serve hot.


  1. Well, in Texas barbecue is cooked long and slow, usually over hardwood or coals. Anything quicker like burgers or steak is grilled, but in a barbecue pit so maybe that's where the confusion comes in. Your campfire fish looks divine, Camilla. I'm always afraid to dry out wild caught salmon. This is a great way to insure that doesn't happen, even over open hot coals.

  2. I love that you cooked this right in the coals. Cooking fish in foil always ensures it will be moist and delicious.

  3. That's a gorgeous piece of salmon. Love the trip down memory lane too!


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