Thursday, January 12, 2012

An Array of Syrups

This morning I made French toast with some leftover soft wheat-barley bread. And, due to our family's varied palates, I had to serve them with three different kinds of syrup. Dylan picked a maple-agave syrup blend from Trader Joe's; Riley selected ginger syrup from The Ginger People; and I, naturally, stepped out of the norm and drizzled mine with licorice syrup from Denmark. I'm not sure what Jake used. He was still asleep when we left this monring.

The licorice syrup was one of the treats in a Christmas care package from one of my best friends. The jar reads: "...for cooking, baking, and cocktails. Adds a unique flavour to ice cream and fresh fruit. Create your own marinade, dressing, or cocktail."

'Cocktail' is on there twice. I guess I definitely need to try that! Till then, atop my French toast will have to suffice.

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  1. Your pictures and writing style both make me feel so at home, so cozy, and very very happy. At the top of your blog, where it read "inspire you.. down an aisle at the grocery store that intimidates you.." -this is so perfect for me. Well, your blog, that is. Not the intimidation part. I am SO open to trying new things, I make at least 3 new recipes a week (if not more, when my grocery budget allows) and love venturing to new locations that sell strange and unique foods. I am excited to see what else you come up with, and everything else in store that I have not yet read. Lovely blog, simply LOVELY. <3 Thank you!!


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