Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sensational Savories

Having taken part in the Secret Recipe Club for two months now, as well as other linky parties, I have come to realize that most kitchen bloggers - me included - tend to blog about sweets. Breads, cakes, puddings, and more. Why? We don't serve pie for breakfast. Okay, maybe we do. Sometimes. Like this morning. I did *blush* serve the boys a slice of pumpkin pie...along with their scrambled eggs and green grapes. But it was just a sliver.

For the most part sweets and baked goods are a rarity, a treat, while savories - pastas, quiche, vegetables, and meat - comprise most of what comes out of my kitchen. And yet those sweet recipes make up more than half of my blogging entries. Again, why?

I realize that when I bake, I measure. It's easy to commit that to a blog entry. When I cook everything else, it's all by feel and much more difficult to quantify which, in turn, makes it tough to record. A-ha! Unless I'm writing about an odd ingredient or an entire menu from a single ingredient, my sensational savories are often ignored. No more. Hold onto your hats and get ready for some everyday dishes that are easy and nutritious.

I'll try to make the recipes helpful. I will. Just know that nothing I make ever comes out the same way twice. Cooking is all about proportions and combinations. Even if yours isn't the same as mine, if the ingredients are fresh, good quality, it'll be just as delicious!

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