Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Food Matters Project Wrap-Up

And that's a wrap...on The Food Matters Project!

Seventy-five weeks ago a cooking project launched with Mark Bittman's The Food Matters Cookbook  as its focus. Different food bloggers hosted, choosing a recipe for all to cook, adapt, and post about. Read my initial post: here. Click here to see the final posts of the group; look in the comments section.

While I didn't cook for the project every single week - my search rendered 41 posts out of the 75 assigned - I did manage to make some delicious dishes and make some new friends in the blogosphere. 

And I fell in love with Bittman's easy-to-follow recipes. Often they weren't so much a recipe to follow as they were encouragement to get out and experiment with some fresh, real food.

Here are a few of my favorites...enjoy! [click on the recipe titles to go to the original post]

And here are just a few of the bloggers I've met, admire, and follow. Thanks, all, for your support, your comments, and your awesome, inspiring posts!

Lexi from Lexi's Kitchen
Evi + Sam from the Fifth Floor Kitchen
Aura from Dinner with Aura
Alyssa from Everyday Maven
Keely from Keely Marie

And I can't forget our founders...
Sarah from Sarah Ashley and Kate from Cookie + Kate

What a fabulous ride it has been. See you in the blogosphere, folks.

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  1. Thank you for cooking along! It was always fun to see how creative you are. Thanks for the kind words too.


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