Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fear of Crocodiles

Some background about Dylan and his fear of crocodiles...
it's my fault.

We watch too many nature documentaries.

A couple of years ago we all went to Costa Rica for Fall Break and to celebrate my parents' birthdays. One of the days, we headed toward the Pacific side and there was a bridge with crocs down below. We (the adults) thought it would be neat to walk across it. If you look closely at the body language - Riley was interested in viewing the crocodiles down below; Dylan wanted nothing more than to cross that bridge and get back in the vehicle.

Dylan was the only one of us that recognized the site as the exact spot we had seen on one of our documentaries about the giant crocs. He was terrified. Whoops. Parental fail: traumatizing your kid by watching something educational.

These creatures do look pretty menacing, don't they? Needless to say, he wasn't interested in finding out how someone could get close enough to catch one, much less eat one.

A note: I did not get close to this beast. I took a note from Dylan's playbook. I just have a really nice telefoto lens!

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