Thursday, February 16, 2012

National Almond Day

You can read my tirade about national food holidays by clicking here. I will repeat my sentiment if you don't feel like reading multiple paragraphs about it; in summary: only in America would we designate an entire day to celebrating food - and I use that term loosely. "National Gumdrop Day" was yesterday. "National Sticky Bun Day" is next Tuesday. Argh. No, we do not celebrate those days in my house. But I will get behind a celebration of whole foods. So, when "National Almond Day" popped up on my radar, for today, I thought to myself, "that I can acknowledge."

Here are a few ways you can add almonds to your table...

Moroccan-Spiced Almonds make a great snack.

Add almonds to meatballs instead of breadcrumbs as I did in my version of Albóndigas.

Turn ground almonds into an exotic, impressive dessert: Frangipane-Fig Tart.

And one more...a delicious, albeit time-consuming, appetizer: Triple Mushroom Pâté.

What's your favorite way to eat almonds?!?

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