Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pink Tulle Cocktail

Why did I name this the Pink Tulle? Well, it's pink...and it makes your palate do a pirouette! How's that?! On Sunday Jake wanted a mimosa-type drink. I had a bottle of Italian bubbles. I had some rhubarb syrup. And I had some absinthe. I sprinkled in some culinary fairy dust AKA fennel pollen and called it good.

Ingredients (makes 1 drink)

  • chilled sparkling wine of your choice (prosecco, champagne, or sparkling wine)
  • 1 t rhubarb syrup
  • 1 t absinthe
  • fresh rhubarb for garnish
  • fennel pollen for garnish

Pour the syrup and absinthe into your serving glass. Add a pinch of fennel pollen. Top it off with your sparkling wine. Garnish with either a full stalk of rhubarb or thin slices that will float on top. I tried it both ways.


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