Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cookin' Up Some Quirk-y Fun

This just in - one of my favorite publishers has created a FREE downloadable summer sampler: Quirk Books Entertains Your Kids.

"I'm bored" is a phrase that is not allowed in my house and, when I hear other kids say it, it grates on my every nerve. Play, invent, play, cook, play, create, play, nap, read and play some more. Why would you ever get bored?!? Boredom - to me - means that you're being lazy.

This volume, curated by Raising Quirk, is chock-full of activities to keep your kiddos - and yourself - entertained and well-fed.

On the food front are recipes from POPS! Icy Treats for Everyone by Krystina Castella, Tiny Party Food by Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park, Noodlemania! by Melissa Barlow, and more.
Then there are crafts galore. I just printed out a schematic for a rocket-launcher from NICK AND TESLA’S HIGH-VOLTAGE DANGER LAB by Steve Hockensmith and “Science Bob” Pflugfelder. The boys will be so excited. And I do mean my two little ones and my big one!

Here are photos of their Starburst Straws and Turtle Magnets crafts.

And - more for the parents - there are recommendations for how to teach your kids to play alone and how to keep a family happy during car trips. Yes, please.

Did I mention it's free? Go get it. Stat. I have not been compensated for this post. I am sharing it because I find  Quirk Books Entertains Your Kids worthwhile. If you download it - and use it - tell me what you think. Comment below or email me at constantmotioncamilla [at] gmail [dot] com. Happy Summer Vacation!

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