Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tweaking a Favorite

Despite my usual Nazi-esque attitude about my boys eating refined sugar, s'mores are a camping staple in my family. Dylan gets very grumpy if we neglect to make s'mores on a camping trip.

So, in planning my 20th high school reunion camping trip, I decided to set up a s'mores bar for our first night around the campfire. I debated: the standard or some gourmet choices.

Serendipitously yesterday was National S'mores Day. Click here to read my tirade about American National Food Holidays. I write 'serendipitously' because it meant lots and lots of creative recipes to tweak this camping favorite. I will, of course, offer the plain jane s'mores variety; but there will be ingredients on hand for Snappy S'mores and the Funky Monkey. Recipes and photos to follow.

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