Friday, February 28, 2014

Join a Pie Potluck...for Pi Day {Call for Recipes}

Pi Day is coming up. Pi Day? you ask. You know. March 14.

3/14 = 3.14159265359 or pi. Also known as a great excuse for Cam to make pie.

Over the holidays we were invited to a pie tasting party. In preparation, discussions began around our dining room table: What makes a pie a pie? 

Sensibly, my precise Kitchen Elf said, "A pie has no frosting." True.

My Love declared, "It's the crust." Okay.

And my sweet, Enthusiastic Kitchen Elf asserted, "A pie has a crust...and is low to the ground." Huh. "You know, a cake can be tall; a pie is short."

Employing all three of those criteria - no frosting, a crust, and low to the ground - a galette can qualify as a pie. So can a tart, right?

I'm looking to all of you for some pie inspirations.  Feel free to link up to three pie recipes. Think sweet. Think savory. I'll post a round up in time for you to create some of them for your Pi Day celebration if you wish.

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