Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rethinking Bee Pollen... {Poll}

While I'm working on a story about bees and beekeeping, I have had the opportunity to meet and visit local backyard beekeepers. Today, I spend some time with Bill and his bees in Del Rey Oaks. We watched bees coming in and out of the hive with pollen in the baskets on their legs. I had a twinge of guilt as I realized that when I purchase bee pollen, someone is robbing those little bees of their hard-earned bounty. Question one: am I still a thief if I didn't personally harvest the pollen?

Question two: would these dishes have been just a good without the bee pollen?

Bruschetta with Bee Pollen, Brie, & Bresaola

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  1. The Hubs started keeping bees last March. We have one hive and he just built a top-bar for another. I swear that my peppers did better last summer with these little polinators. I am pinning all these honey recipes. Thanks!

  2. @Debra, that's cool! I went to a workshop last weekend and the stats of increased production on crops - with bees in the vicinity - was astounding. For an almond grove it was something like 50 pounds without bees and 3000 pounds with bees. So, I'm not surprised you saw a difference.