Sunday, August 5, 2012

Food Matters Project: Wild Card! Gelato!!

I have been woefully absent from the Food Matters Project this summer, but I vowed to myself - and to one of the founders of the project - that I would post again soon.

This week's assignment read: "WILD CARD! In celebration of 6 months of life for this project, now’s your chance to go back and post any recipe you’ve missed." I knew this was my week to get back in the saddle.

I skipped two weeks ago, when we were assigned a raspberry-cabernet sorbet, because I didn't read the recipe. I just saw 'sorbet' and didn't feel like dusting off my sorbetiere. Then, when reading through the fantastic, creative takes on the sorbet, I realized that you could make Bittman's recipe without an ice cream maker. Click here to see what everyone made - look in the comments. I was instantly smitten with Lena of Mrs. Garlic Head's blueberry-gin ice cream sandwiches, Sarah of 20somethingcupcakes' frozen peach-basil sangria, and Meg from My Wholefood Romance's green tea and raspberry sorbet.

I immediately regretted skipping the week. So, as my penance during this catch-up week, I decided to locate (I don't think I've made gelato in two years), dust off (remember, it's been unused for two years), and stick my sorbetiere in the freezer for the requisite 24 hours, and make a gelato.

My favorite gelateria in Rome is owned by a man we lovingly dubbed the Gelato Nazi. He brags about having met the cows who give him milk and the chickens who lay eggs for his gelato. I don't know the cows that were milked for the cream I used, but my husband brought home eggs from a job he'd been on this week. He might have met the chickens!

Click for my rhubarb gelato recipe.

Next week we'll be making fresh rolls with peanut sauce! Oh, yummy. So glad I'm back on track with the Food Matters crew. I've missed the culinary challenges and the camraderie of such creative cookers.


  1. Camilla, your gelato looks perfect! :) I bought a brand new ice cream maker for $15 at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago and really need to get on this ice cream making business!

  2. That was one of my favorites, too! Glad you got to try it.


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