Friday, November 22, 2019

Ab Ovo Usque Ad Mala, A Thanksgiving Menu Inspired by #ChefsSecret

I have long been a fan of author Crystal King - ever since I read her book Feast of Sorrow* for December 2017's edition of Cook the Books. You can read my post when I shared my version of Parthian Game Hens. Then she sent me an advanced copy of The Chef's Secret and invited me to submit a recipe to be included in the digital companion cookbook when the book released in February 2019. I created Crostata di Ciliegie that she shared with her readers on release day [see bottom]. What fun!

I have cooked another #ChefsSecret menu, but - as Crystal teased, 'if you don't take photos and post it, did it really happen?!?' - it went undocumented. So, I re-read the novel this month and decided to create a Thanksgiving menu inspired by the book. Recipes to come after the feast next Thursday. Stay tuned...

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