Friday, May 25, 2018

The Gift of Food and Time

Everyone is gifted in one way or another, right? Me? I can feed people! So, when the 8th grade teachers asked if I would head up the food portion of the graduation camping trip, I didn't hesitate. Then, in typical Camilla-style, I added crazy complicating details.

I knew I would have four different teams, each cooking one meal: Thursday dinner, Thursday dessert, Friday breakfast, and Friday lunch. I offered to come in, meet with the kids, meal plan, shop, and guide them through four different international menus. It's an international school, after all.

So, stay tuned for the recipes as we have Team Mexico serve up a taco and burrito bar with rice, beans, pico de gallo, plus horchata and agua de jamaica!

Team France made crêpes and meringues for around the campfire. Yes, meringues. Yes, I know we're camping.

Team USA - also known as the Melting Pot - served açaí bowls, chicken and waffles, yogurt, granola, eggs, and bacon.

And, finally, Team Vietnam made bánh mì, fresh spring rolls, and boba tea.

I am really going to miss seeing these kids all together. I have known some of them since they were in kindergarten...and some from even further back in pre-school!

 Happy graduation. Job well-done to all of them.

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