Friday, October 14, 2016

Tasting Notes: 2013 Jarman Pinot Noir #sponsor

Remember my post: Words for wine? Yep. Back in August, I entered a haiku contest at a local (and favorite) vintner and I won. So, while the boys were out of town this week for Fall Break with my parents, Jake and I headed to Will's Fargo Restaurant - with my gift certificate* in hand - for some appetizers and a bottle of Jarman Pinot Noir.

Jarman Wines is a tribute to Jarman Lowder who died nearly 5 years ago after a battle with early onset Alzheimer's disease. She was only 60 years old. To honor her memory - and love of good wine - the Lowder family has created two varietals from their estate grapes. And they have partnered with the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation and committed a portion of inventory and a percentage of sales towards finding a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Having watched my own grandmother's life deteriorate from Alzheimer's, that makes this wine even more special!

The 2013 Jarman Pinot Noir has a distinctly comforting feel. Think warm gingerbread cake with salted caramel sauce. Not so much that I would pair it with that - I'm more of a savory kinda gal.

We ordered their asparagus salad which included grilled, shaved, and pickled asparagus. The three different preparations of the same food lent the dish both interest and continuity. I loved the textures on the plate.

And we had a salmon salad with a generous heap of salt-cured salmon. Again, the varying textures of the crispy endive, toothy salmon, and crunchy shaved fennel were well-matched.

Since the wine was voluptuous with some spice and some oakiness, each sip felt warm and luxurious. It was a good flavor foil with the texture and acidity of the salads.

*Disclosure: I received a bottle of wine from Jarman Wines and food from Will's Fargo Restaurant at a discounted rate. However, all comments are 100% accurate and 100% my own.

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