Thursday, August 18, 2016

Words for Wine? Yep.

I entered a haiku contest at a local (and favorite) vintner earlier in the month. And I just found out that I won. Sweet!

In honor of National Pinot Noir Day which is today - August 18th - Jarman Tasting Lounge and Patio in Carmel Valley hosted a contest. They wrote: Share a special haiku about your love of Pinot Noir and you can receive special appetizers provided by Will's Fargo Restaurant and a bottle of Jarman Pinot Noir.  

I won, I won. I'm so excited. Inspired by a tour of the vineyards and the unusual 828 clone whose grap clusters point up, I wrote this...

Upright 828
Green orbs turn to inky black
Cannot wait to try

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