Monday, December 7, 2015

Speculaas, Take One {Flop}

I won't post a recipe because we didn't get it quite right. I followed someone else's (a well respected kitchen personality) recipe to the letter, but think that my dough was too thick and the oven temperature too low. So, it's back to the drawing board...but I wanted to post photos because we had so much fun!

Make the dough...look at all those delicious spices! I did add vanilla bean powder and loved the subtle sweetness it added.

Prep the mold...I love that my mom has had these molds since we lived in the Netherlands when I was a kid. Truth be told, I do not think she ever used them. But she has a ton of them. I think I'll be stealing more of them.

Mold the cookies...

Smile for the camera...

They looked good on the tray!

But they lost their shape. Try, try, try again.

We characterized this batch as a 'flop' but they tasted great.

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