Thursday, December 24, 2015

Oaktown Spice Shop - Finally!

Most 12-year-olds want toys or books. Mine wants food...and spices.

On a previous birthday trip for D, we tried to stop by Oaktown Spice Shop and were foiled. They were closed on Christmas Eve. This time, we were coming through on the 23rd. D's actual birthday. And I had double-checked to make sure we could stop before I got his hopes up. They were!! So, this was stop number eleven on our list of twelve planned adventures for the Enthusiastic Kitchen Elf.

He perused. He sniffed. And then he selected. We have black cardamom, black lemon omani, two salt blends (that R actually picked), wild fennel pollen, dried chamomile, true cinnamon sticks, and more. It's time to start researching. What are we going to make? I'm sure he has some ideas! Stay tuned for some new spicy creations from our kitchen.

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