Monday, December 7, 2015

Homework Assignment: Make Breakfast Before Early Bird Math Class

D is taking an elective class this year: Early Bird Math. It, essentially, covers pre-algebra in 6th grade (he still takes his regular math class during the day) so they will end up finishing geometry before they start high school.

Not being a math genius or even really math-motivated, this would not be my choice. But R did it. And when the class was offered to D, he jumped at it. I made it through calculus in high school and AP'd out of all math in college. Still, I didn't take geometry till 9th grade. And Early Bird Math makes Monday mornings even more painful because D has to be on campus at 7am. Again, not my choice, but he's determined.

Last night D announced that part of his homework for Early Bird Math was to make his own breakfast before class. "Mom, it's part of our life skills that Mr. Chipley teaches. I have to make my own breakfast before Early Bird Math."

Okay, but you cook all the time. Do you really have to wake up even more early to make breakfast?

"Mommy, it's my homework. I have to do it!" he wailed, thinking that I was trying to avoid it. To his credit, I was trying to avoid it, figuring if the spirit of the assignment is a little autonomy in the kitchen, we have that covered. But the kid is adamant that not doing the homework assigned is bad. What parent can argue with that work ethic? Not this parent.

I tried one more time to see if he would consider chopping fruit into yogurt "making breakfast." Then I would make the eggs and sausage before he woke up and he could "make" the side dish. Nope. Fine. So, he got up. He dug out the egg molds, cracked, whisked, and made breakfast - not just for himself - but for the whole family.

What do you think? 
Do you make breakfast for your kids? Or do they make their own??

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  1. When the kids were young breakfast consisted of toast and fruit or cereal. Sometimes just a muffin or an egg sandwich in the car on the way to school. We only cooked big breakfast on the weekends. That has continued on until this day.