Saturday, November 9, 2013

Barely Buzzed Cheese {Formaggio Friday}

Okay, so I admit that I have been completely remiss at posting a new (to me) cheese once a week, this year, as I had hoped for a series called Formaggio Friday...and it's not Friday. Oh, well. I wanted to introduce you to this cheese, in case you haven't had the pleasure.

Barely Buzzed cheese. From Trader Joe's. This is a creamy, full-bodied cheese that is hand-rubbed with espresso and lavender. Yep. Two of my favorite things.

We carried this to the Tin House (almost 7 miles round trip) and ate it with a pinot grigio salami and olive pugliese. Fabulous!

Okay, I'll try to be better about posting our adventures is cheese-eating.

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