Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Food Matters Project: More Rhubarb Creations

And the rhubarb download continues...in the face of the rhubarb shortage, or aversion, everyone got very, very creative. I think this is the last of the group. If I missed anyone, a thousand apologies. I'll circle back and catch anyone I missed later this week.

Several bloggers cooked, but decided not to record their experience. Better left forgotten, I suppose. To those folks, thanks for trying it!

Again, I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I am in awe of your culinary fortitude and am honored to be part of this creative group.
Photo credit belongs to each blogger; link provided to the original post.

Lexi from Lexi's Kitchen made exactly what the original recipe was: fish in rhubarb sauce. And, even more impressively, she made a savory rhubarb-lover out of her husband. Nice job! I love that she added fish sauce to the dish. I am writing that one down for when I cook this recipe again this week.

Maryfran of Franny Cakes doesn't like seafood and couldn't find rhubarb, so she went a completely different direction and blogged about a warm broccoli + quinoa salad. Yum!

Jen from the team at Small College Kitchen made fish in caramel sauce with tangy fruit salad and rice. This sounds and looks delish.

Sara of Simply Whole Kitchen opted to bake, instead of braise, her fish and served it with a fruit salsa. So pretty and, I'm certain, delicious.

Alissa of Big Eats Tiny Kitchen braised chicken in a rhubarb-honey sauce for a Sweet and Sour Rhubarb dish. Oh, my! If only I could stick chopsticks into my screen and get a piece of that lovely dish.

Again, if I missed anyone, the omission was unintentional. I'll check back later this week and post any creations that I didn't catch this time around. Thank you, all, again for your efforts and fab culinary creations. It's been an adventure this week. 

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  1. Camilla, I found your mouth-watering blog through a comment one of your followers left on mine. All of these recipes look so delicious! I'm excited to be following you now to enjoy more of your creative recipes!


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