Monday, April 9, 2012

The Food Matters Project: Rhubarb Download, First Five

I want to give some MAD PROPS to my fellow bloggers who cooked my choice of "Fish Nuggets in Rhubarb Sauce" for our Food Matters Project. I picked the recipe because the four of us, in my household, are rhubarb-fanatics. But I have never - and I mean ever - written the words 'I'm sorry' so many times on different blogs. I apologized for picking a recipe whose ingredients were largely unavailable to most people. I apologized for picking a recipe that, even for those who found rhubarb, was not a hit. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry! Mea culpa.

But I will say that some of the bloggers' comments about how it really made them think out of the box or it was their biggest culinary experiment to date, actually made me smile. That's what this is all about, right? Using what you have, stretching your culinary muscles, and expanding your palate. At least that's why I cook. For the adventure. And this definitely qualified.

So, to those who cooked this week,
I just wanted to say THANK YOU. You rock.
Photo credit belongs to each blogger; link provided to the original post.

Marcia from TwentybySixty made ribs with a strawberry-chipotle sauce.
I think I'm going to do ribs with a rhubarb-tepin sauce this weekend...just because.

Margarita of Let's Cook and Be Friends made a pear-orange-raspberry sauce with thinly sliced beef marinated in lime juice. We are big quinoa eaters. I will give your version a try soon.

Joanne of Eats Well with Others, a Warheads consuming-champ, actually found rhubarb braised tofu in it. She wasn't a fan of this sour recipe, but I love her photos...and her candor. Thanks for keeping it real, Joanne.

Ella from Naturally Ella, also had rhubarb, and made a noodle bowl with kale and spicy rhubarb sauce. As always, her post had me wanting to stick my fork - or chopsticks in this case - right into my monitor.

Kristen from Mind Your Bees and Trees whipped up some fish nuggets in an apricot-lime-jalapeno sauce. I love the way that sauce sounds. Tangy, zesty, but with some heat.

I'll do this download in blocks. Just to make sure that no one gets buried. Take a gander at each of these bloggers as you have time. They all have my admiration this week.


  1. Don't worry about it Camilla! Not all recipes can be easy right? This one gave us all a chance to really think outside the box. Thanks for the challenge!

  2. Awww you are so sweet, but please do not apologize. This is what FMP is all about and I love the community behind this. I'm impressed that so many bloggers gave this a shot and I've had such fun reading through all of the different variations! You've inspired us Camilla so don't apologize :).


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