Thursday, January 20, 2011

Twinkies, Take II

If you're been following me for awhile, you might remember that last February I attempted homemade Twinkies for the birthday dinner of a wise-guy friend of mine.  To this day I don't know whether he actually likes Twinkies or was simply telling me that in order to watch me attempt to make them.  Both are possible.

Never having had a Twinkie and refusing to buy a Twinkie posed a challenge in actually replicating that, dare I even call it, cake.  That paired with the fact that no one could give me a definitive answer on the actual flavor combination of a Twinkie, made that baking endeavor quite a culinary adventure.

Not one to be twarted by laughter - my choice of whole wheat flour did result in lots of belly-laughs from my dinner guests - I've decided to try again this year.  I am still not going to buy a Twinkie for comparison.  But I did purchase a "cream canoe baking pan."  I think that Twinkie must be a trademarked name, but, seriously "CREAM CANOE" does not sound very appealing.  One promising thing: the cream canoe baking pan comes with a filling injector kit.

I'll keep you posted on my Twinkie attempts of 2011.  But I still have unanswered questions...none of the recipes I found online agree - on any point!  Help.

1. Is a Twinkie made with white cake, sponge cake, yellow cake, or something all together different?

2. Is a Twinkie filled with whipped cream, vanilla cream, buttercream, pudding, or - the recipe I personally liked, but know it cannot possibly be the true filling - a marscarpone-vanilla cream?

3. Would you think that the most important characteristic of a Twinkie is the taste or its shape...or both?


  1. Twinkies are bizarre. I mean, they aren't even baked just puffed in a vacuum. But, there is a pop-up restaurant here in Portland that offers Twinkies as a dessert item. One chocolate with chocolate star ansi cream and one yellow cake with cream.

  2. It's made with sponge cake and the filling is a vanilla flavored cream with almost the consistency of marshmallow cream.

  3. @Matt, I might just have to do a trio - to include the chocolate-star anise Twinkie. That sounds amazing.

    @Lisa, thanks.


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