Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Marriage Rule

Though this isn't a recipe or instruction on how to make anything, I thought I'd share this...just in case you didn't know this rule. Out of the mouth of babes!

Riley: "Did you know there's a rule to marriage, Mommy?"
No, what is it?Riley: "You have to marry a pretty girl?"
What about a smart girl?
Riley: "Nope, a PRETTY girl...and she has to know how to cook."
Who told you that?
Riley: "Dylan. Daddy knows the rule, too."
Dylan: "Yep, that's the rule. Every boy knows it."

So, am I pretty?
Dylan: "Yes."
Is Nonna pretty?
Dylan: "Nonna is...what's the word?"
Nonna: Old?
Dylan: "Yes, but you're cute for your age!"

Once I stopped laughing hysterically, we had a little chat about what is really important in life.  So, now my future daughters-in-law will be smart, pretty, and good cooks!

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