Monday, August 10, 2015

When Can We Eat Those?

I do not have a green thumb. I have the polar opposite of a green thumb. On the color wheel the complementary color is red. So, do I have a red thumb?? No, mine is decidedly black.

Thankfully Jake and our little one love to grow things. And, for my sake, they tend to plant things that we can eat. They have a blueberry bush that they gave to me for Mothers' Day with the promise that they would tend to it; the Enthusiastic Kitchen Elf has tons of herbs that I use on a regular basis. And we have a prolific Meyer lemon tree that has been producing a ridiculous amount this summer.

So, when I walked into the backyard, saw the sunflowers, and asked When can we eat those? I didn't expect D to be offended. Sunflowers seeds are edible after all.

"Mom," he objected, "these are just pretty...and they're mine and Daddy's. You can't eat them."

They are edible.

"No! You can't have them."

Okay, what about the leaves? Do you think I could stuff them like grape leaves?!?

But I do have a question for you all: when he eventually does let me near the plants to eat them - he will! - what do I do with them? Can I cook the leaves? Do I roast the head whole??

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  1. I have not a clue but I know my chickens love when I throw a sunflower in the pen with them.