Monday, August 17, 2015

Rockridge Food Tour: Golden State Cider

This hard cider from Golden State Cider was not officially part of the Rockridge Food Tour, but our tour guide Claire's day-job is as a sales rep for them and she mentioned that the restaurant we were in carried it. So a few of us were curious and ordered some to try. 

"No added water. No added sugar. No concentrates. No gluten. No bad juju."

Thoughts: This was an ideal sip for the 90+ degree weather we were walking through. Straw-hued and clear, one other guest likened it to a dry white wine. Interesting, but true. One thing I usually dislike about hard ciders is they can verge on the sweet. This was, as labeled, 'mighty dry' and I thoroughly enjoyed every last drop. Now I just need to see where I can get my hands on some on this bay.

And it went really well with the spinach and mushroom stuffed pizza at Zachary's Chicago Pizza.

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