Friday, August 21, 2015

Fresh Khalal Dates

Some people when faced with a new-to-them fruit or vegetable will run the other direction. The Manns? Nope. We scoop it right up and wonder how we're going to eat it. I'm on the email list for a website - Local Harvest - that assists in my desire for culinary adventure. This week, I ordered some fresh khalal dates from Pato's Dream Date Gardens. Check these out! They're gorgeous.

These Mariana dates - in the Khalal stage - are raw, fresh, and not fully ripened.

They will soon enter the Rutab stage as they deepen to a deep gold color. And by the time they reach the Tamar stage, they'll have a firm chewy sweetness. 

I only hope that we can stay away from the bunch long enough to see it through all the stages. Or, I'll have to order more!

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