Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bloom-Infused Booze at #FlowersandGin

I've been infusing alcohol with different flavors for awhile -  remember my Thyme, Fennel, & Blueberry Gin, Buddha's Hand-Infused Tequila, and more?!? - but when I saw a #FlowersandGin class in March, I registered immediately. Hosted at a local flower shop by Bar Cart, Katie Blandin set an amazing table. 

It was a feast for the eyes, the nose, and then tongue. Just look at this gorgeousness...and imagine how it smelled. Heady, floral, and fresh. I'm just about ready to see how it tastes. This week. Stay tuned! I'll be using it in a cocktail soon.

Given 500 mL of vodka in a 1 L weck jar*, we were able to infuse with whatever we desired. I made what I called Colorful Petal Cordial by infusing the vodka with jasmine, pansies, calendula, elderflower, violets, juniper, chamomile, and honey.

Immerse your blossoms in booze. And leave them for a month - or until your desired flavor is achieved.

What fun! And what a great group of gals with whom to play with blossoms and booze...

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