Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Recipe Testing: Buttery Maple and Cumin Carrots {Food52}

This is another dish I am testing for Food 52. The original recipe is Vvvanessa's Buttery Maple and Cumin Carrots. Check off another box for my Thanksgiving sidedish search. Eureka!

Vvvanessa derived her inspiration for this dish from Tasty n Sons in Portland. They have a yams glazed with cumin and maple dish that she applied instead to her favorite farmers' market vegetable: carrots. And I am so glad that she did.

These carrots are sweet and spicy, a perfect flavor foil to a hearty meat dish. I served these with some honey-glazed short ribs. Delish! Oh, and they are speedy to make. 

3/4 t cumin seeds
3/4 t coriander seeds
2 T butter
1 t extra virgin olive oil
1 pound carrots, cut into batons about 1/2-inch thick
freshly ground sea salt
1/4 C real maple syrup

Using a mortar and pestle, gently crack open the cumin and coriander seeds. Heat a heavy-bottomed skillet over medium-high heat. When the pan is hot, toss in the spices and heat them for 10 seconds, keeping the pan moving to prevent scorching.

Lower the heat to medium and add in the butter and oil. Swirl them around to coat the spices as they melt -  this will keep them from burning and infuse the butter and oil with their flavor.

Add in the carrots and keep the pan moving. Sauté the carrots for about 3 minutes, reducing the heat as needed to keep the spices from burning. Season with salt.

Pour in the maple syrup and continue to keep the pan moving, cooking the carrots for another 3-5 minutes, until they begin to caramelize and are just shy of fork-tender. This also allows the maple syrup to reduce a bit.

Serve hot with the maple glaze poured over the carrots.

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