Sunday, April 10, 2011

Street Food Variety Schmariety

This afternoon when I loaded up the boys and our friend Trinity to go grab a street-food lunch at the Good Ol' Days in Pacific Grove, I envisioned that we'd hit a variety of booths - maybe sushi, maybe naan wraps, maybe chicken satay.

I certainly did not imagine that we would walk two blocks' worth of food booths and that all of them would pick some version of a hot dog. Seriously. Okay, to be fair, Riley and Trin chose a pork bratwurst while Jake opted for a veal bockwurst with sauerkraut.

And Dylan bounced up and down when he saw these three words: foot-long corn dog. No, I did not let him get a foot-long corn dog. But he did get a "corn puppy." Ugh. So much for variety.

All by my lonesome, I stopped at the Babaloo Cuban food truck and got fresh fish sliders on mini brioche buns with tropical slaw and fresh salsa. Delicious. That was more like it.

Dylan excitedly pointed at a sign for Twinkies. I drew the line and bought him a fresh strawberry lemonade instead.

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