Sunday, April 3, 2011

High Ground Organics

I know you've been reading quite a bit about 'High Ground Organics' and 'CSA' for me this week. It's not just because I started my pick-ups this week, though that definitely adds to it; it's because they are so fantastic!

So when I read in our subscription newsletter that there was an open farm this weekend, I loaded the family up and headed to Royal Oaks to see the new property. I think it's important for the boys to know that things do not just show up, wrapped in cellophane, in the grocery store. Someone grows it in the ground.

We learned about cover crops, for the off-months, saw fava beans, turnips, and different lettuces growing, met up with the Novaks and the Burian-Fangs, and hiked around the property. We had a great time!

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