Thursday, April 28, 2011

Organic Beeswax-Olive Oil Lipbalm

If you're anything like me, you probably have lipbalm tubes in every purse, the center console in your car, in your bathroom drawer, and under the couch. They are everywhere.

My lipbalm of choice is usually Burt's Bees because of its natural product certification, 30% post-industrial content in their containers, and no animal testing; but still, all of those little plastic tubes are weighing on me. I decided: no more.

So, I looked up a do-it-yourself lipbalm recipe, ordered glass jars that I will reuse, tracked down a supplier of organic beeswax, found some organic flavor oils, and I'm doing it. I will make my own lipbalm with organic ingredients in a refillable container!

Years ago my then almost 4-year-old wrote a poem for Mothers' Day. So all you mommy pals of mine, you know what you're getting...grape, cherry, or marshmallow flavored organic lipbalm.

"Mommies are sweet like grapes and smell like cherries.
Mommies give squishy cloud kisses.
Mommies' eyes sparkle like the sun.
Mommies are warm like toasted marshmallows...
And have big hearts to love everyone."
~"Mommies" by Riley

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  1. So sweet..Beautiful poem...and gorgeous is wonderful to create your own recipes..shine on!
    Gorgeous photo!


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