Monday, November 2, 2015

$43 in Trick-or-Treat Trade-In

Some people have asked. So...yes, my boys trick-or-treat. No, they do not eat the candy. But they love to go with friends and show off the elaborate costumes they have created with my husband.

In case you're not a Star Wars fan, D (on the left) is an AT-ST from the battles of Hoth and Endor. R (on the right) is BB-8, an astromech droid from the not-yet-released Star Wars movie. These costumes took a ridiculous number of hours and many tears, but it was a lot of quality dad-time and a lot of fun to see the reactions on Halloween.

Let's go back. Years ago, actually probably just four years ago (and my boys are 11 and 13), we did not take them trick-or-treating. We would go on a Halloween camping trip with friends and we would trick-or-treat those handful of campsites. And I had a rule: no candy.

Three years ago, we camped and came home in time to attend our friends' Halloween party. People were astounded that my boys had never trick-or-treated (for real) and my response was, not surprisingly: WHY? They don't eat the candy.

But I realize that it's a hugely social activity. So, now they go and I buy the candy from them. Before we even left on Saturday, D asked me, "Mommy, how much are you paying for the candy this year?" I figured $5 per pound was good. Turns out that's exactly what the dentists pay, too.

So, we went, they sorted and traded - for the heaviest candies! - and I'm out $43. The UPS and FedEx drivers will be happy for awhile at the office. D has a new LEGO Star Wars set. R bought gadgets at RadioShack. And I don't have to deal with the craziness of all that sugar and food-coloring. Win-win!

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