Monday, January 6, 2014

Moroheiya Ramen

What can I say? I am the easiest person in the world for whom to shop. Just give me food!

That's exactly what my friend Shiho did. She sent me a message that there was a holiday present for our family to pick-up at her restaurant. The bag was full of everything from pasta and dried seaweed to coffee candy and green tea. It was the perfect gift.

So, yesterday, I decided to make a quick ramen with the Moroheiya rice pasta she included for us. Click for my Holiday Hijinx Ramen; it's a fast, easy, and nutritious lunch. This version had leeks, celery, carrots, wild mushrooms, kale and poached eggs in it.

And a note about moroheiya...also known as mulukhiya, it's a plant that has been cultivated since ancient times - in Egypt. Its fibers are spun into jute while its young shoots and leaves are harvested as a vegetable and used in traditional Egyptian dishes and stews. The taste is mild and similar to spinach, while the consistency is sticky like okra.

We loved the texture of this pasta. It didn't get gummy as some gluten-free noodles get and it retained a nice al dente texture.

Thanks, Shiho, for the introduction to moroheiya. What a find! I will definitely be using these noodles more often.

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