Sunday, March 10, 2013

Reverse Hump Comal

I am not a very gadgety cook, but I do love specialty pots...and I am now quite enamored with a reverse hump comal that my friend had on the grill for his wife's birthday dinner.

A reverse hump comal is a large, flat pot with a raised hump in the center. Meat and tortillas can be seared on the top while sauce simmers in the outer rim.

Mike had beef and chicken braising in stock with spring onions and hot peppers when we arrived for Jenn's 40th birthday dinner...and it was going until long after the sun went down.

Jenn tracked this down in Texas. I think a paella pot still tops my list. Besides, I don't need a reverse hump comal...I just need to invite myself to dinner at Jenn and Mike's!


  1. Any chance you could track down where that reverse comal was purchased at? I've been looking for one for a while now.


    1. There are two sizes. Not cheap, but worth it if you'll use it, I suppose.


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