Sunday, November 5, 2017

Thai One On: A Birthday Feast for Pia

Every November I host a dinner for two of my best friends' birthdays. This year, one friend can't make it, but his family can. So, I'm doing it anyway.

This menu was inspired by the new cookbook from Kris Yenbamroong entitled Night + Market: Delicious Thai Food to Facilitate Drinking and Fun-Having Amongst Friends*. Isn't that just a great title?!? I love it.
And I was especially tickled to see that Yenbamroong called out the vintner I had planned to feature anyway. And I quote, from the section Pét-Nats (Sparkling Wines with Anything Fried (and/or to Begin/End a Meal): "They are perfect to begin the meal because they cleanse your palate, which is another way of saying they reset your tongue and tell your taste buds to get ready for what's coming. ...there are also great domestic Pét Nats from California wineries like Donkey & Goat...." Yep.

Call it serendipity! I'll be posting tasting notes and recipes throughout the weekend, but here's what's on the table...  
Thai One On:  A Birthday Feast for Pia
Paired with Wines from Donkey & Goat

Lily’s Pét Nat with Fresh Spring Rolls

2016 Ramato Pinot Gris  with Jungle Curry Clams (Gaeng Pa Hoi)

2015 Carignane, Testa Vineyard, with Startled Pig (Moo Sadoong)

 2016 GiGi Sans Soufre with Pad Thai and Garlic Green Beans

2011 Wayward Late Harvest Chardonnay with Coconut Sticky Rice

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