Friday, March 17, 2017

Simplifying Lunch Prep with #Dreamfarm #PackItCool #Sponsor

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dreamfarm and PackIt. All opinions are my own.

Dreamfarm sent me their redesigned Oni knife and PackIt sent their Freezable Classic Lunch Box to try out and review.* These two products breathed some fun into our lunch prep and my Enthusiastic Kitchen Elf was eager to try give them a whirl...then he stole the lunchbox right out from under me! Oh, well, I guess that means it's a winner, right? 

The Oni quickly became our go-to knife for prepping lunches. It's a handy size that falls between a cumbersome chef knife and a tiny paring knife. The shape of the blade allows you to scrape every last bit from a jar without scratching it; the top edge of the knife is rounded, like a butter knife, so you can spread with it; and the bottom edge is sharp, so you slice with it. There is a plastic wrap slicer built into the handle. I have to admit: we didn't try that. But, like all other Dreamfarm products I've tried, I love the Oni. It's cute and functional. 

PackIt elevates the staid lunchboxes of the past with a cool tech twist. The Freezable Classic Lunch Box is a horizontal lunch box with freezable gel built into it. Its flat design made packing flat containers a breeze and, as I mentioned that D whisked away the box for himself, the buckle handle clipped easily onto his backpack.

While it has a fairly small profile, it is roomy enough to hold a sandwich container, a fruit, and two snacks. It fits everything he needs without being too cumbersome!

So, I've shared how Dreamfarm and PackIt have simplified our lunch prep, I figured I'd share my new favorite sandwich. Using spicy 'nduja, dried fig cake, and creamy provolone, this gives you the same sweet and savory experience of a classic PB&J with a grown-up, Mediterranean feel. I like to use mini ciabatta rolls, but you can use whatever bread you like!

One more bonus with the Oni, the stainless steel blade is coated, so you can slice cheese without it sticking. Love that!

'Nduja & Fig Sandwiches


  • 'nduja (spicy, spreadable pork salami)
  • dried fig cake or just dried figs, sliced
  • provolone, sliced
  • mini ciabatta rolls

Slice open the rolls and lay them flat. Spread 'nduja on both sides of the bread.

Lay sliced fig on one side and sliced provolone on the other. Close the sandwich and serve immediately or wrap for lunch!

*Disclosure: I received complimentary items from Dreamfarm and PackIt for the purpose of review. Comments are 100% accurate and 100% my own. I have received no additional compensation for this post. *

You can find Dreamfarm: on the web, on facebook, on twitter, and on pinterest.

You can find PackIt on the web , on instagram, on facebook, on twitter, and on pinterest.

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