Wednesday, December 21, 2016

#13CajunBites: Revival Ice + Cream Pairing for Bananas Foster

"Let's go inside Revival Ice + Cream and see if Chef Ron can give us suggestions for an ice cream pairing!" I suggested as we headed down Alvarado for our ingredient hunt.

"We're having Bananas Foster for dessert tonight," D explained. "Will you recommend some flavors for us?"

"Right now, there are five that would go well," said Chef Ron. Okay, let's pick three.

Chef Ron pointed out the flavors before heading out the door. The boys tasted, discussed, then decided on Burnt Cinnamon, BeesKnees, and Kelp & Caramel. I couldn't resist getting a pint of Almond Milk Latte - that's almond milk (so, dairy-free), cold-brewed ACME Coffee, and chicory. Ummm...yep. That goes with the Cajun theme!

Here's our crew of boys at the shop before we headed out to hunt for our dinner ingredients.

After dinner, the boys made Bananas Foster and sang around the pan since we didn't have a traditional cake with candles for D.

You'll notice there are only three pints out on the table. I kept the Almond Milk Latte all for me!!

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