Thursday, January 5, 2017

Tasting Notes: Tanuki Cider

When you go gluten-free - and you're not a huge wine drinker (clearly, I am not talking about myself!) - it's sometimes difficult to find something for your glass when you're out to eat. But Jake is starting to see more offerings for hard ciders. This one he found when we ate at Chef Brad Briske's new restaurant HOME Soquel; our tasting notes: here.

Tanuki Cider's 2016 release, Zozo and the 442nd is a dry farmhouse cider made right here in Santa Cruz. It's unfiltered, unpasteurized, and completely free of sulfites and preservatives. And the only ingredients are apples (pippin and Mutsu) and yeast. Love it!

This is a young cider that is slightly carbonated. Though it's sweet on the nose, it's dry on the tongue. And because it has 8.5% ABV it has a nice heft to it.

We thoroughly enjoyed this and can't wait to track down a bottle again soon.

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