Friday, September 30, 2016

Peter B's: Cracked in the Rye, Dancing Goat, and Happy Hour Eats that Make You Happy

A local brewpub - Peter B's Brewpub - turns twenty! Okay, they turned twenty last week. But I am finally getting around to posting this. You can read the piece I wrote for Edible Monterey Bay: here.

So, for the birthday party, I rallied two friends and dragged my trio along for a dinner at the brewpub.

"Mom," asked the little one incredulously, "we're having dinner at a bar?"

Well, it's a brewpub. And they have food. They actually have really good food.


Always up for some adventure, Jake and I both ordered new-to-us brews. I ordered their Cracked in the Rye which is described as a full-bodied IPA. I typically steer clear of IPAs, but with only 45 IBUs, I was curious. It starts with an almost sweet caramel flavor, but there is a lingering spiciness from the rye malt and the pink peppercorns. Jake still thought it was too hoppy, but I enjoyed it.

That evening they were running a birthday special: their Dancing Goat, a Russian Imperial Espresso Stout, was only $3 a bottle. Yep, we couldn't resist. The server accidentally brought us a different stout at first. So, we tasted that alongside this one. The Dancing Goat was malty, smooth, and the first word that came to mind - besides 'wow' and 'yum' - was 'umami.' You know, that rich, savory flavor?

I wanted to trade beers, but he said that I could have a sip or two only! Fine.

On the food side of things, we ordered the chicken wings, the fried cheese curds, a pizza, and a burger. My friend couldn't resist the Beef Stroganoff because she was intrigued by the addition of lingonberry jam. I didn't try it, but it looked good.

We had a blast...and we played with our food. Just a little! 

We'll be back to lift a glass with you again soon. I had to laugh at D's assessment of why it's called 'happy hour.' "Is it called 'happy hour' because it makes you happy?!? 

Happy birthday, Peter B's Brewpub!

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